Flag Finishing

Our flags are finished with Rope & Toggle, Grommets, or Sleeve. Generally, depends on the flag sizes, fabrics and styles, the finishing may vary. After selecting the fabrics and sizes you want for your flags in The Flag Shop's online store, the product page will show the finishing of the flags.

Please Note: If you would like to add grommets to the selected flags, please add a customer note to the "Your Comment for this Order" box when you place your order online, this comment box appears on the last page before you click on the "Place Order" button, or simply let us know if you place your order over the phone.

Flag with Rope & ToggleFlags with Rope & Toggle
Your flag may be fitted with a rope and toggle, or c-clips for securing the flag depending on the type of flagpole. The flag should form part of a continuous loop with the halyard rope on the flagpole. If the flag is fitted with a toggle, this will normally be fitted at the top of the flag.

Flag with Rope & ToggleFlags with Grommets
These are round and solid brass that are placed usually on the header of the flag, one at the top and one at the bottom. For flags with grommets, you can use c-clips, zap straps or snaphooks to attach the flag to a flagpole. Flags and banners with grommets can also be hung vertically on the wall.

Flag with SleeveFlags with Sleeve
Flags can also be finished with a sleeve. You can slide a pole in and secure your flag using c-clips.


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