About The Flag Shop

Founded in 1975 in Vancouver, Canada, The Flag Shop is one of the leading manufacturers in Canada for flags and banners, and was the first specialty flag shop of its kind. 100% Canadian owned and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Flag Shop currently has 13 locations from coast to coast across Canada.

At The Flag Shop, we don't start and stop at the sale. We use top quality fabric for all your flag and banner needs, we also provide professional consultation and guidance according to your project requirements. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our products, services and expertise set us apart from the rest of the competitors.

Our product-line has broadened over the years to include custom flags, custom banners, flagpoles and banner poles, a full line of flag hardware, pins, crests, decals -- anything flag-related.

  • Design Assistance. From creative services to full artwork for your project, our artists can advise on colours, layout, and the proper materials.
  • Flag Installation Challenges? Once produced, we can install your flags, banners, poles or special banner mounts. All Flag Shops offer full-service and our workmanship is fully guaranteed.
  • Rent vs. Buy? In case you might not need those flags after your upcoming event or convention, we offer rental flags, poles and stands.
  • Big Event, Little Time? We're used to servicing world-class events and supporting purchasing managers with tight schedules and exacting specifications.
  • Flag Protocol is very important! Once you have the flags, how do you arrange them so you don't start a diplomatic dispute? The Flag Shop has the answers. Advice is free!
  • Major event committees appreciate our flag protocol advice and design services as well as our on-time delivery of flags, banners, and hardware. Contact The Flag Shop staff to help you make your event world class!


The mission of The Flag Shop is to be one-stop shopping for all flag and banner related products. We pledge to provide the broadest range of products at reasonable prices and distribute them in as many ways possible so they are easily accessible to all Canadians as well as the global community.