Custom Products

At The Flag Shop, we carry an extensive range of different materials used for custom designed products such as nylon, polyester, canvas, vinyls, and papers.

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Custom Flag:

Flags attract attention because they come alive with motion. Corporations take pride in their logos and other identifying symbols. These can be displayed on flags. The corporate flag can be displayed on a pole at ground level, or on a façade or roof top mount, or on a portable base in your office or foyer...


Custom Banners:

Custom Banners can be digitally printed, screen printed, or appliqué sewn on different banner materials. Custom banners can be in different sizes, shapes, single-sided, double-sided and are fully customizable depending on what they are used for, and whether they are indoor or outdoor banners...



The Flag Shop offers a complete line of indoor flagpoles, residential flagpoles, commercial flagpoles, telescopic flagpoles, nautical poles as well as custom flagpoles. Our flagpoles are fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze and fiberglass materials.



Banner Hardware:

Large selection available with custom banner pole options as well as banner arms and brackets. These banner poles are Canadian-made, designed by professional engineers, and fabricated by expert craftsmen. The Flag Shop also offers complete banner installation services, contact your nearest Flag Shop for more information.


Banner Stands:

The Flag Shop offers hundreds of banner stands. They are perfect for trade shows and conferences, indoor outdoor events, retail stores, banks and any office space. Visit our Banner Stands section to browse our featured products or contact us for a consultation and a quote.



Promotional Products:

Before we were called The Flag Shop, we sold promotional products. Now over 35 years later, we have brought back a limited selection of high quality promotional products that complement our main product line.



Other Custom Products:

Visit our other custom products page to learn about Tablecloths, Custom Pennant Strings, Custom Lapel Pins, Buttons, Logo Mats, Market Umbrellas, Custom Canopies, Rotary Pennants, Lawn Signs, Flag Souvenirs, Coats of Arms/Family Crests and so much more. Contact The Flag Shop for more information about our custom promotional products.


Our Services: The Flag Shop offers a list of services including flag and banner installations, flag rentals, artwork and banner design services, flag protocol advice and more .

Visit our services page to view some of the services we offer or contact us for more information.