Flags of Canada

Our Canada flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965. The colours, red and white, were declared to be the official colours of Canada in 1921 by King George V. The maple leaf, for centuries, had been regarded as a Canadian symbol and first appeared in Canada, in 1921. The proportions of the flag are two in length to one in width. The red bars are each one-quarter of the fly and the centre white portion is adorned with an eleven-pointed stylized maple leaf.

Before 1965, the official flag of Canada was the Union Jack (properly called the Union Flag). Between 1892 and 1965, variations of the Canadian Red Ensigns were authorized by the British authorities and by 1922 it had become the de facto flag of Canada. The current ensigns, the Canadian Forces Ensign, the Air Command Ensign and the Naval Jack are stocked by The Flag Shop but are only for distribution to authorized military personnel.

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Displaying Canadian Flags

There is protocol on displaying the Canada flag. It always takes the place of honour. If the display is fanned, then Canada takes the centre position. With 2, or more than 3 flags, it is on the left, from the spectator’s viewpoint.