Acadian Flag Products

The Flag Shop has been a proud supplier of many Acadian flag products for our customers. We carry several Acadian flag products such as flags, banners, decals, tattoos and more. Available online and in-store. Contact us for custom Acadian flag and banner products.

Our Nova Scotia location also carry many other stock Acadian flag products and custom products in-store. Please contact The Flag Shop Nova Scotia for details.

Learn more about the history of Acadia and the Acadian Flag.

Acadian Flag (Canada)
History of Acadia

Celebrate your Acadian heritage.

Read more about the upcoming Acadian Congress in New Brunswick this August, 2014.

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  1. Acadian Flags

    Acadian Flag

    Acadian Flag. Flag of Acadia
    Starting at: CA$1.95
  2. Acadia Car Flags

    Acadia Car Flags

    Acadia 12"x18" car flag on white car window pole that attaches to car window.
    PRICE: CA$19.95
  3. Acadia Pennant Strings, 30'

    Acadia Pennant Strings, 30'

    Flag of Acadia (Poly) Pennant Strings, 30'.
    PRICE: CA$34.95
  4. Acadian Flags

    Acadia 2 3/8"x4" Window Cling Decal

    Window cling decal - Acadian Flag
    PRICE: CA$4.25
  5. Acadia Tattoos, 2" x 1.5"

    Acadia Tattoos, 2" x 1.5"

    Acadia Tattoos, 2" x 1.5".
    $0.50 each. Quantity discounts available.
    PRICE: CA$0.50 As low as: CA$0.25
  6. Canada/Acadia Crossed Pin

    Canada/Acadia Crossed Pin

    Canada/Acadia Crossed Flag Pin
    PRICE: CA$4.50

6 Item(s)

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